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The importance of a website in a recession

»Posted by on 8 Jul, 2011 in News | Comments Off on The importance of a website in a recession

The words ‘credit crunch’ and ‘recession’ now form a staple part of the media’s daily mantra. Every day we hear the finance problems are apparently worsening and that if the newspapers’ sensationalism is even partly accurate then things won’t be getting better for the time being. This is indeed a difficult time where jobs are lost and marketing budgets are cut. So as you tighten the purse strings on your business, what will you do with your company website? Will you invest more money into it, or leave it on the back burner? Here I present five reasons why during this financial crisis you want to make your website your upmost priority. More cost-effective than any other marketing The knee-jerk reaction when funds are low is to reduce head count and...

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